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Joe Dagher

J F Dagher Fine Art

Tampa, FL


Joe Dagher studied drawing and painting at the International College of Beirut and Loyola High School in Baltimore Maryland, continuing with an education in art history at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. His paintings and work have been sold in many cities and he has been successful in duplicating into art what art buyers cherish and want. His latest products are featured on album and CD covers for blues musicians in Maryland for the Fetal Records label.

Presently, 41 homes/businesses display JF Dagher prints and originals.

For commissioned and/or original paintings please contact the artist via the email address link above right. (Or the contact button in the menu.) JF Dagher paintings have been sold in the following cities:

Abbotsford, New South Wales
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Alpharetta, Georgia
Annapolis, Maryland
Atlanta, Georgia
Baltimore, Maryland
Beirut, Lebanon
Beit Miri, Lebanon
Chicago, Illinois
Clearwater, Florida
Dubai, Arab Emirates
Edgewater, Maryland
Jerusalem, Israel
Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Ottawa, Ontario
San Francisco, California
Tampa, Florida
Toronto, Ontario


Chopper by Joe Dagher


Pursuit by Joe Dagher


Vietnam Infantry man by Joe Dagher


Psychedelic Blues Harmonica by Joe Dagher


Punk Concept Painting 2 by Joe Dagher


Punk Concept Painting 3 by Joe Dagher


Punk Concept Painting 4 by Joe Dagher


Just Another Explosion by Joe Dagher


Fiacre by Joe Dagher


Blues Concept 1 by Joe Dagher


Blues Concept 2 by Joe Dagher


Punk Concept Painting 5 by Joe Dagher


Heros by Joe Dagher


Yvoir by Joe Dagher


Beit Nahas by Joe Dagher


Basiri by Joe Dagher


Kurdistan Pony by Joe Dagher


Sanjabi Pony by Joe Dagher


Luri Pony by Joe Dagher


Shirvan Pony by Joe Dagher